How to Join Us for a
Sunday Worship Service and Virtual Coffee

We meet each Sunday morning, starting at 10:45, using the Zoom virtual meeting service.  To join us, please follow these three easy steps:

Step 1:  make sure you have Zoom installed. 

In order to join us "live" for Coffee Hour and our weekly Worship Service, you must have zoom installed on your PC, Mac, phone or tablet computer.  Go to for information and to download the Zoom app to your device. 
If you need personal assistance from our technical coordinator, you can email David Mills at

Step 2:  obtain the most current Zoom Meeting ID and password.

For security purposes, we require a new Zoom Meeting ID and password every week, and may not post the Zoom meeting information until just before each service (although we often post it sooner). 

We recommend that you wait until Sunday morning and obtain the ID and password immediately before the we start to greet and screen participants at 10:30.  Please be prepared to sign in no later than 11:00, if possible. 

There are three ways to obtain the most current Zoom meeting information before we meet:

1. Click Here

2. Check our Facebook or Twitter accounts

3. Subscribe to our mailing list (see below). 

Step 3:  be prepared to be seen and/or heard by our Zoom Host. 
For security purposes, we always "screen" every person who joins our services, including members and guests.  This means that, once we admit you to our "Zoom Screening Room." our host must be able to see you (or, at minimum, hear you).  For this, you will need to enable your computer's camera and/or microphone in your Zoom settings.

Please arrive (and log in) before the Worship Service starts at 11:00 Central.  Our "Zoom Host" will start admitting and screening participants as early as 10:30, and this is a great time to visit with other participants before the Service begins.

Once you have been screened by our host, it's OK if you prefer to have your camera turned off during the presentation of our Worship Service.  We realize that not everyone feels comfortable being seen, especially early on a Sunday morning.  But we encourage you to participate and to remain visible as you chat with everyone, before and after our Service during our "Virtual Coffee Hour," which ends at 12:30.
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