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Our Programs

Our members have formed special groups and committees that meet periodically, and some of these welcome visitors.  Until further notice, these groups meet online via the Zoom conferencing service.

Please read each group's description, below, then Using the links below send an email for information. 

Womens Group 1.jpg

Women's Inclusive Group

Women’s group has been meeting weekly since COVID 19 sheltering in place began. Come join us for a laugh, a smile and a virtual hug.  


This group's purpose of UUFW Inclusive Women's Group to connect with each other, plan, stay in touch and talk.  We're LGBTQIA+ welcoming & affirming, and trans-inclusive. 

We meet every Thursday from 7:30 to 9:00. No one under 21 is allowed. Only those identifying as females, please.

Email Jane Kittner and Marty VanWagner for Zoom information.

Reading Circle

Bibliophiles unite!  We’re not a book group, we’re an ALL THE BOOKS group!

Unlike many book clubs, the UU Waco Reading Circle does not read the same book at the same time. Instead, we come together to share what each of us has been reading for the past month. This allows everyone to share at least one great book, and everyone else gets to add interesting titles to their reading list.

The UUWaco Reading Circle provides a great environment for friends to share ideas. Join us for a great night of fellowship and fun. 

We meet on Zoom the 2nd Monday of each month.

Contact Terri Jo Mosley for more information.

Work Crew.jpg

House and Grounds Projects

We occupy a large, older building on a multi-acre lot, and there are always projects underway - both outdoor and indoor with masks and social distancing. 


We welcome volunteers to help us!


Contact Warren Pearson and Lee VanWagner for info.   

Becoming UU

The UUWaco Becoming UU class meets once a quarter. Join our Board members and other guests for our online Newcomers’ class. We enjoy an afternoon of sharing, learning, and fun.


While this class is open to all, we’ve designed it especially for those interested in learning more about Unitarian Universalism and UUWaco.

Contact: for information.

Circle Supper.jpg

Circle Suppers

A long tradition at UUFW has been to gather quarterly in members' homes, in small groups, to dine together and get to now one another.  We call these gatherings "Circle Suppers," and limit each "circle" to 6 or 8 people.  Hosts provide their homes and hospitality, while others bring food and drink for a delicious potluck dinner.  When possible, groups are assembled with the goal of introducing people who don't know each other well before the dinner, but who leave having made new friends.

Until we decide to start meeting together in person, we're instead meeting virtually, on Zoom.  While it's not possible to share dinner, we're still able to get to know one another.


Contact Marty VanWagner for more information.  

Music and Choir

We have an active Music and Choir program, and are always looking for talent among our members.  Whether you sing, play an instrument, or both, we want you!.

While our Sunday Services remain virtual, our Choir has nonetheless manage to record music that is used in those Services, and this can be done safely using remote technology in most cases.

Click here to read more about our choir, and to listen to a few songs we've recorded for our services.  Contact Jane Kittner for more information.

Music Makers.jpg
Activism 2.jpg

Social Justice

UUWaco supports local, state, national, and international social justice and social action efforts.  Many of our members are active in civil rights and justice efforts including racial equity, LGBTQ+ rights, immigrant rights, and more.

Whether or not you worship with us, we welcome your participation these efforts.  If you'd like more information, please email us at


Also, click here to learn about other ways you may join us in working for our community. 

Cereal Sundays

The first Sunday of each month we bring boxes of cereal, as well as spare change, to Sunday service. We donate that cereal to Caritas of Waco, which fights poverty and food insecurity in our area.

Additionally, coinciding with the Super Bowl each year, we raise additional money for Caritas.  Before the pandemic, this was done via a fundraising potluck dinner in our Fellowship Hall, and we hope to return to that tradition in 2022.

Contact for more information.

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