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Our Vounteer Committees

Below is our current (2021) list of volunteer committees. We encourage you to join one or more of these committees and become involved!

If you are a registered Member or Friend of UUFW and have signed in to the website, click here to see  detailed committee information, including membership and group contact information.

Below, by clicking on each underlined team name, you will be able to send an email to the chairperson(s).     

Worship Team

Sara Hudson, Chair

Each week, our UUFW Worship Team sources, scripts and prerecords our

one-hour virtual online worship services, including music.  Some roles are technical but most are not.

House & Grounds Committee

Warren Pearson, Chair

Lee VanWagner, Co-chair

Our House and Grounds Committee helps maintain our church building and the large, wooded property.

Care Team

Liz Drees, Chair

Our Care Team assists members and friends in need. 

If you’re not feeling well, we’ll bring you soup! If your car won’t start, we’ll give you a ride! If you need to go on a trip, we’ll care for your animals!

We also help keep everyone informed about what’s happening in the congregation.

We take care of our community members!

Social Action Committee

Marty VanWagner, Chair

UUWaco actively participates in social action and social justice events at the local, state, national, and international levels.  Our Social Action Committee helps organize members' participation, and educates our congregation on current issues.

Membership and Hospitality Team

Liz Drees, Chair

Our Membership and Hospitality Team helps organize events, and helps to keep us all in touch.

Social Media

Sara Hudson, Chair

Marketing & Public Relations

Anita Knight

Michelangelo Flores

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