Governance and Leadership

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Waco (UUWaco) is an autonomous, self-governing, self-sustaining local fellowship that has freely chosen to pursue common goals together.


Our polity is congregational, and delegates from each congregation make Association decisions in business sessions at the annual General Assembly (GA).


Between GAs, we’re governed by the UUWaco Board of Directors, who are elected by UUWaco members.  Our 2021 Board of Directors consists of the following members:


Anita Knight ~ President   
Warren Pearson ~ President-Elect 
Cheryl Foster ~Treasurer  
Mary Cunningham ~ Secretary 
Sara Hudson ~ Director  
Liz Drees ~ Director 
Marty Van Wagner ~ Director  
   Lee Van Wagner ~ Coordinator Waldo’s Coffee House 
Amy Patrick ~ Past President (Ex-Officio)   
Bruce Allen ~ Past President (Ex-Officio)   


Other Leaders include:

Warren Pearson and Lee Van Wagner ~ House & Grounds 
Jane Kittner ~ Music Director
David Mills ~ Service Production, Website & Technical Media 
Sara Hudson & Warren Pearson ~ Social Media 
Michele Brown ~ Newsletter 

Terri Jo Mosley ~ Reading Circle  
Becky Warren & Jane Kittner ~ Social Action Committee Coordinators
Jane Kittner & Marty Van Wagner ~ Women’s Group Coordinator
Bruce Allen – Adult Religious Education Coordinator

UUWaco relies upon energetic, committed, visionary UU members and volunteers to serve the UUWaco community and the Waco community at large.  Click here to view our current list of volunteer groups.