HUUmanist Conversations: The Humanist movement has long been part of the Unitarian Universalist tradition. The UUWaco HUUmanist Group meets on the third Thursday of each month. We bring a potluck meal and share conversations about scheduled topics. We incorporate books, essays, documentaries, movies, music, and other media forms into our conversations.

Reading Circle: Bibliophiles unite! The UUWaco Reading Circle meets on the second Monday of each month. Unlike many book clubs, we do not read the same book. We come together to share what we’ve been reading for the past month. This allows everyone to share at least one great book, and everyone else gets to add interesting titles to their reading list. We meet at a member’s house and bring snacks to share. The UUWaco Reading Circle provides a great environment for friends to share ideas. Contact:

Women’s Group: The UUWaco Women’s Group meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Women 21 years and older gather in community for support, friendship, conversation, and action. We’ve been meeting for more than 10 years. UUWaco Women’s Group is LGBTQIA+ welcoming & affirming; trans*-inclusive. Contact:

Becoming UU! The UUWaco Becoming UU class meets once a quarter. Join Pastor Kris Cervantes and other guests for our Newcomers’ class. We enjoy an afternoon of sharing, learning, and fun. While this class is open to all, we’ve designed it especially for those interested in learning more about Unitarian Universalism and UUWaco. Contact:

Vegan/Vegetarian Potluck: Bring your favorite (or easiest) vegetarian or vegan dish & recipe to share with other hungry friends. The UUWaco Vegan/Vegetarian Potluck meets on the third Saturday of each month. Contact: