Better known as “Pastor Kris,” Kris Cervantes has served as UUWaco’s minister since September 2014. She grew up in the Waco congregation, but moved out of town in 1994 and only returned to Waco in 2008. Although it’s unusual to be called to ministry from within one’s own childhood fellowship, Pastor Kris has worked hard–and had lots of help!–to make this dream a reality.

Kris attended McLennan Community College and the University of Texas (Austin) for her bachelor’s degree in Music Education, and she recently graduated with honors from Brite Divinity School in Fort Worth, Texas, with her Master’s of Divinity and a certificate in Gender and Sexual Justice Studies. She serves on the board of the Greater Waco Interfaith Conference and the Clergy Advisory Board for Planned Parenthood of Central Texas.

Kris is an avid reader, writer, and singer. She also loves pop culture, travel, painting, knitting, and podcasts. After growing up in Waco, she lived in Austin (8 years), Giessen, Germany (5 years), and Junction City, KS (1 year). She and her husband Rob have two sons, Jack (an art student at the University of North Texas) and Gabe (a junior at Rapoport Academy). Other family members are Rico and Wolfgang, their two dogs, and Zed, Destroyer of Worlds (a cat who is assuredly NOT theirs, but who might admit under pressure that Kris is his). They all live in central Waco together.