Topic: Hope and Despair

“When All We Have Is One Another”

Sunday, March 24th @ 11 am
With Pastor Kris Cervantes
Faced with senseless murders on an unprecedented scale, how do we, as people of faith, articulate and live daily from within our deepest ethical selves?

We come together and help each other. We learn from and support … read more.

Grace & Hope

Today Pastor Kris Cervantes reminded us that in these difficult times we must not give up on finding hope and accepting grace. Let grace nurture us so that hope may grow. 

Love, Carefully

Last Sunday we explored the boundaries and dangers of love, conditional and otherwise. This week we’ll dive into the core of what it means to love responsibly. Or as I like to think of it, sometimes, to love carefully and tenderly. The Power of Love … read more.

Breaking Bread, Blessing Bodies

Communion as a ritual has disappeared from many (most) modern UU congregations. In this celebration of Thanksgiving, we explore what it means to break bread, and how such a simple act can link us to a wider world in need of our abundance and nurture.

Roots, Drink Deep

In times of high wind, it’s the roots that hold the tree steady and strong. What are our roots, and how do we feed them? To what values and visions do we hold when the air is full of fury?

Meanwhile the World Goes On

We’re stepping back into the world of the Bible this week, for a uniquely UU examination of Job:38:1-11. God answers Job’s frustrated pleading out of a whirlwind–or does she? “I will question you, and you shall declare to me,” God says, and the reader is … read more.

December Events!

Christmas Music Service, Dec 15 @ 11 am
Join us for entertaining and joyful music from our UUWaco members and friends. It’s fun for the whole family! 

Yule Ritual, Sat, Dec 21 @ 5 pm
Please join us for our Yule ritual among our beautiful grounds, weather allowing! Feel … read more.