Pastor Kris Cervantes

Breaking Bread, Blessing Bodies

Communion as a ritual has disappeared from many (most) modern UU congregations. In this celebration of Thanksgiving, we explore what it means to break bread, and how such a simple act can link us to a wider world in need of our abundance and nurture.

Roots, Drink Deep

In times of high wind, it’s the roots that hold the tree steady and strong. What are our roots, and how do we feed them? To what values and visions do we hold when the air is full of fury?

Freedom From, Freedom For

Religious extremists claim that by protecting faith-based discrimination, they’re protecting us all from infringement upon our First Amendment rights. The reality, of course, is that such discrimination silences and shuts down many more voices than it amplifies. As Unitarian Universalists, we’re dedicated to the idea … read more.