“Global Conservation from a Local Perspective”

with Terri Cox & Johnny Binder, Cameron Park Zoo, Waco, TX

Terri Cox & Johnny Binder at UUWaco, 3.31.2019

Terri Cox and Johnny Binder shared a part of their journey to help orangutans, a species that is critically endangered. Cox and Binder’s presentation included the efforts of the Cameron Park Zoo and the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) to save the world’s orangutans. BOSF works tirelessly with orphaned, injured, and/or ill orangutans to rehabilitate them so that they may return to the wild. However, some orangutans cannot be returned to the wild because of their injuries, so BOSF provides a forever home for them, which includes natural habitats and socialization with other orangutans.

To learn more about orangutans and efforts to save these critically endangers animals, visit the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, Texas, and the BOSF website!

To learn what you can do to help save orangutans (it’s really easy), go to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Palm Oil Crisis website to learn about palm oil and its impact on orangutan habitats. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo created an app that helps you shop sustainable palm oil: android app; Apple app. The app is free!

orphaned orangutans