Get Out the Vote!

Postcards (Now!): Go through your contact list and send cards to people who are supporters in McLennan County but are not politically active.

  • We’ll bring you cards and stamps and a sample script.
  • They (generally) don’t need to go out to anyone over 65 (they should already have a VBM).
  • They need to be sent out ASAP, so they get to your contacts by Monday, 6/29.
  • For more information, contact

Sticky Notes (on Sunday, 6/28 – Monday 6/29 – Tuesday, 6/30): No door knocking, no conversations, just put the note on the door or mailbox (where it won’t fly off, or get wet… if it ever rains.) 

  • We will deliver a pad of sticky notes to you and a minivan list number with 50 doors around where you live.
  • For more information contact