Pastor Kris Cervantes provides religious and spiritual leadership and guidance for UUWaco. She also commits herself to many other roles in UUWaco and in the community at large.

Reflections: Pastor Cervantes delivers a reflection each Sunday that both inspires and comforts UUWaco members, friends, and visitors. Her reflections often center on current events and address congregational needs and concerns.

Religious Education: Along with the At-Large Director of Religious Education (RE), Pastor Cervantes oversees the development of religious education for both children’s and adult RE. She often leads adult religious education classes herself.

Counseling: In addition to her regular ministerial duties, Pastor Cervantes also provides counseling to those who are in crisis or need a compassionate ear.

Comfort Care: Pastor Cervantes ministers to those who cannot attend the fellowship in person. She visits members and friends in their homes, hospitals, nursing homes, or hospice. She provides care, comfort, and support to those in need and their families.